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16 Must-Try Columbus Restaurants

The semester is just beginning. And when you aren’t cramming or exploring the city, a key way to experience a new place is through the food. The View on Peavey Square elevates the student lifestyle, so take some pointers from us on where to dine in Columbus, Ohio.

Fine Dining

For those special occasions, you’ll definitely want to class it up. And if you want to impress that special someone, these are great dining locations for dates in Columbus. 

Lindey’s surf and turf, the Refectory’s daily extravagant menus, and Veritas’s seasonal five-course experience are all sure bets. If you’re keen on having the best steak in town, look no further than The Top and its 50 years of proven stature. At [‘plas], you can spend top dollar for an exploration of up to 12 courses, but a reservation is an absolute must. 


A great way to kick off a weekend of fun is to meet some friends for Saturday brunch. And Columbus brunch spots don’t disappoint.

Katalina’s classic feel, Skillet’s rustic farm-to-table fare, and HangOverEasy’s inviting atmosphere are some top brunch eateries. The Guild offers a not-so-traditional take on brunch with globally inspired choices, but it is priced accordingly. Scotty’s Cafe is in a mall, so it often gets overlooked, but its brunch is divine.

Out With the Gang

Here are some great Columbus dinner restaurants to visit with friends. 

Milestone 229 and Goodale Station both have a spectacular ambience. Chapman’s East Market is an upscale place, but the cool thing is they let parties of eight enjoy the private dining room and the chef’s tasting menu. Great for a group celebration! Just be sure to reserve the space, and they tend to appreciate a week’s notice.

We hope you’ve discovered some spots you’ll love. The View on Peavey Square doesn’t just do student housing right. We’re also here to take student lifestyle up a notch, so read our blog for some more helpful student-centric ideas.


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